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Terug Naar Af

Loopbook with looped drawings

and poems
edition of 100

10 euro

Artists Namedropping 7"

two known artists on vinyl
(artwork by Bert Huyghe and Gerard
edition of 100 5 euro

Fêta Justice 12"

Solo album put out by KRAAK
photos on the cover by Sine Van
edition of 200 12 euro



Terloops Plaatje 12"

Looped music in a stolen artwork
cover (layout by Tomas Lootens,
cover photo by Sine Van Menxel)
edition of 100

Het Gehevend Hendje

Colaboration with Nel Aerts,
who made the lovely cover wood cut
poems by Gerard Herman
edition of 35

Savooi, van alle kool de meest miskende

A tribute to a forgotten
cabbaged friend

Het Gehavend Handje

Poetry of the lowest shelve

Arsène, zijn vrouw en zijn zoon

In the Flemish fiels lives 
a poet/farmer, who is
about to have enough
of his situation

Stranger Danger

Rasterized colab with Yannick
Val Gesto

In ijltempo wordt vader op
op de hoogte gebracht

A pop up book, of which 
even my last copy was

Kleine portie genegenheid

There will be a big party,
but will the husband cooperate?


Horrible drawings, 
combined with a horrific title



Voor Voor Voor!

Selection of pro snippets
from a local store


Hanny beats up children,
as a job.

Stukken vlees met een naam

Pieces of meat with a certain

Herberg de trage dood

The last hotel at the 
end of the road

Gerard Herman
is van den haas gepoept

A black and white
collection of semi-jokes
and fast work

Een Machtig Maaier

Three small comics
about food abroad,
a failing poet, and
a little brat that puts
his mother in danger

L'Onion Vivant

A French novel about an
onion in existential
difficulty, who peels himself
as a suicidal act

Verzameld Werk

Visionairy Retrospective

Kijk: de kindjes, allebei even dom

An effort to bring
certain elements together,
such as paper and


A mid-summer-joke-book

Pedro neemt de benen

Pedro is determined 
to leave his wive.
But the way he puts it
is the topic of
discussion for a local
group of actors.



A comic about
the dull life of
two swimming pool


A book made in the time 
the title suggest.

Aan de slag met bic

a book about the 
possibilties of the 


Abstract Werk

collection of abstract
drawings and titles

Over het Gaan op Safari

going on a safari 
down in the rimbou
of the mind

Heavy Hermans

Collection of possible
flyers, made on the occasion
of the first concert of
Vaast Colson and Gerard Herman

De Beslissing ter Vernietiging van de Stedelijke Dierentuin

A zookeeper is forced to 
kill all his inhabiting animals.
A heartbreaking portrait.

Gerard, Voor en Door

Gerard Herman compliments himself
with nice drawings

Conversatie in een Bergdal

An alpinistic discussion about
toilet hyghene


A book for children

Verzamelde Gedichten 1992-2012

A vast collection of
poems from the last
20 years